A modern mommy like me LOVES gadgets like no one else on the planet. Just imagine, when you where a kid and your parents had you sleeping outside in your stroller or pram, they would sit inside and look out every now and then and be like: “no ones moving, he might still sleep” and then keep doing whatever they where doing… Today, you simply use a child monitor and chill inside and once you hear the baby cry, you know it’s time to pick him or her up… simple as that.

Just imagine what that little thing did, you can now relax and enjoy life even when your baby sleeps, because you know the second he or she wakes up. And this is just one example, imagine the thousands of others out there, too. and how things really have changed for modern parents…

I’ll try and share some of the tips and tricks i have learned being a mom for 3 kids, and hopefully some of the stuff will make your life easier in the end.

I can’t wait to share with you what i have learned

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